Sharks of casino is a private gambling club.
We are gathering all amateur of gambling on the site. Once a month we send one of members to Las Vegas for a chance to play in real Casino on our money.
Why is our club private?
  • You can become a member of our club only if you have special access code.
  • All members get their nicknames after registration by system. We do not collect and store any private data about our members.
  • And we do not advertise our community!
How does it work?
  1. You play slots on our website.
  2. We collect statistics on your game play, which you can monitor through the main page.
  3. The best player within the month will get a paid trip to Las Vegas, where we give money to play in real casino. And we will refund all your spent money for the month on your account.
  4. The 4 players after the winner within the month will receive 50% of their loss back into their account.
What is needed to be a winner?
It doesn't matter on the amount of money that you play on our site. We are interested in the co-efficiency of your effectiveness. Effectiveness of co-efficiency equals the winning money to the loss. It means, doesn’t matter how much money you won or lost but important how often you are winning. Simply, just relax and do what you do best – gambling!
What is this for?
The members in our club are able to foresee combinations and are ready to take risks. These types of specialists are receiving from us special assignments for good accommodations. Of course, all of our member’s information is saved in a secured confidentially. We do not save any personal information, we don’t know who you are or what you do. We are only interested in the fact that you can to gamble.
What does the best player receive within the month?
Within the month, the best player receives from us a one night to Las Vegas with a certain amount of money for the game, which depends on its amount winnings within the month.
  • If the user becomes the best player for the first time, then at the arrival to Las Vegas, the player receives $1,000 for a game in a casino indicated by us.
  • If the second time then $2,500 dollars.
  • If third time, then $5,000.
  • If fourth time, then $10,000.
  • If fifth, $25,000.
  • After becoming the best player for the sixth time within the month, the user receives a monthly payment of $3,000 until being in the club and, a chance to become one of supervisors of our club.
What is our benefit?
The best player receives a chance to play at a real casino, with real money. If the user wins in a casino, we take 50% of the winnings. If the user loses, we do not hold them accountable. In Las Vegas you will be met by our curator, who will give you a card with a deposited balance, and will be escorting you throughout your trip.