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Sharks of casino is closed club of gambling fans.
All members of the club are fans of a casino. We identify the most successful gamers and send them to Vegas for playing on real money. ATTENTON! PARTICIPANTS OF OUR CLUB CAN BE U.S. AND CANADA CITIZIANS ONLY!
Why do we have private registration?
Registration is possible if you received a password only. We don't advertise our organization and don't involve players. All members of the community are people who came on special invitations or hard selection. We ask you, if you are a member of the club, do not talk about us to the masses. Don't need to advertise our resource!
How does it work?
  1. You play on our site in slots.
  2. We collect statistics on your winnings and losses
  3. The best player of the month we pay a trip to Vegas, where we give money for playing on a real casino.
  4. The 4 following winners of the best player receive a refund of the lost money to the account.
How becomes the winner?
It does not matter how much money you will spend. Only your сoefficient of efficiency is important. The coefficient of efficiency is equal to the ratio of the won funds to the lost money and multiplied by 100%. All players statistics are publicly available on the site.
What is the point of the club?
Our club consists of people who can foresee combinations and ready to take risks. Such specialists receive special assignments from us for good remuneration. Of course, all information about our players is kept in strict confidentiality.
What type benefits gets the best player of mounth?
By the end of the month, the best player gets from us a ticket to Vegas for one night and a certain amount of money for the casino gambling, which depends on the number of his monthly wins.
If the user become the best for the first time, then he gets 1 000 dollars for playing.
If the second time then 2 500 dollars.
If the third time 4,000 dollars.
If the fourth 8,000 dollars.
The fifth - 25,000 dollars.
After becoming the six-time best player of a month, the user receives a monthly scolarship of $ 1,000 before the end of the club's existence.
What is our benefit?
The best player of the month gets a chance to play in a real casino, for real money. In cases of winning, we take 50% of the money won. In the event of a loss, we have no complaints about the player. In any case, the money given out for playing in the casino can't be withdrawn from deposit and must be spent in the casino only. The implementation of this point will be monitored by a curator who will accompany the victory in Vegas.